Senator Dino Melaye Dumps Politics For Nollywood?

Dino Melaye seems to be planning his life after Politics as he debuts in a Nollywood series as an actor.

It should be recalled that the Senator who represented Kogi West, was sacked few months after his re-election in 2019.

Dino Melaye contested for the Kogi State gubernatorial election which was held on 16 November 2019. On 3 September 2019, He lost his gubernatorial ambition in a keenly contested primary election where he came third, with a total of 70 votes behind Engr. Musa Wada who won with 748 votes.

So it will be understandable if the Senator is making move away from Politics since it appears not to be in his favour again as before

Dino has always — even while he was a sitting Senator — being an entertainer to Nigerians with his musical presentations that often go viral on the internet.

He’s the kind of Politician who is fearless, keen on doing whatever he wants to do without bothering about what people think.

One of his notable performance songs is the one you will find below….

Aje kun iya ni’oje, aje kun iya ni’oje, eni ti o t’eni no, t’on de na de ni,  aje kun iya ni’oje, which translates as “you will be beaten mercilessly if you fight someone who is stronger than you”.

So now, it appears he growing from being a singer to an actor in the Nigerian movie industry!

Taking to twitter, the 46-year-old announced to his fans that he’d be making his debut appearance as an actor in a Nollywood series. He urged his fans to watch him in the series called ‘Silent Prejudice’.

“I will be on a series (Silent Prejudice)showing on AIT by 9Pm. Please watch. God bless you. SDM,” he tweeted.

He’s always been a great performer with his self-composed freestyle songs, so I’m confident he will do equally as much in the series too!

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